On Facebook Advertising

Do you think investing in Facebook Ads is worthwhile? Is it worthwhile to pay for more fans and Interaction. Let us discuss and understand the basics of Facebook Advertising, paying to reach more people and choosing specific people to target and Return on Investment on Facebook Ads etc. 

Facebook changes its algorithm often to best serve the needs of its users. Ensure to  understand these changes and how they might affect to best serve the needs of its users. Facebook is also a free service and brands that pay for advertising on Facebook can find ways to reach more people, achieve more interaction, and even drive traffic to their websites. 

If the organic methods for growing your fans and interactions are not reaping results, advertising might be worth trying. It is not too expensive to advertise on facebook, even small businesses can also make an attempt via. boosting a post with as little as possible and still see the results with a lower priced boosted post.

When you boost a Facebook post by clicking boost post, that post can have wider reach. Before attempting to boost a post, we should have a clear Idea on whom to target it, i.e., the target audience group based on your content. By clicking on the “boost” button you will reach a boost post dashboard, where you need to choose various options for targeting your fans like country, gender, age and interests you want to target, budget, duration, payment method etc.

However, Investing in Facebook Ads is a more professional way of advertising than a boost post option.

If you are interested and decided to invest in Facebook advertising, it’s always important to have strategic planning as facebook offers different ad choices, so it’s important to put money into the right campaign.

You  also need to have a clear vision on what to achieve through Facebook Ads like:

  • More engagements to your FB page
  • More likes to your FB page
  • More traffic to your website
  • More people to your event
  • More App downloads etc.

Whatever is your goal to achieve, your brand visibility can be increased through Advertising, hence the content you publish must be educational, entertaining and appealing.

Facebook Ads should be run through Facebook Ads manager. In other words, to run ads on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook Ads Account.

Ads manager is your starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience network. It’s a tool for creating Ads, Managing and tracking the campaigns and generating conversion reports etc.

In order to start advertising on facebook, you need to create an Facebook ads manager account. This account is useful to create, manage and analyze every detail of your ad campaign and create in-depth ad reports.

Please follow the below link to create your personal Ads account.https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager

Importance of Measuring the ROI

Measuring return on investment means measuring whether you have achieved your ad campaign objective or not.

Once you have invested in Facebook ads, Facebook gives all analytics of the ad performance through Ads Manager’s click-through reporting for your understanding.  

Based on your goal, ROI can be in various forms like

It’s very important to determine whether the investment is working or not. If you don’t take time and analyze, you can never understand whether it is right to invest in Facebook ads or not.

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